Free SQL server management studio add-in – SSMS Tools pack

Oopps! Upgrade your browser pretty please. Oopps! Upgrade your browser pretty please.

SSMS Tools pack is a free add-in to SQL server management studio and it contains some excellent features for  developers, like

-SQL Snippets Write code faster with code snippets, this feature has existed in Visual Studio for ages
-Window Connection Coloring Each query window gets a colored bar depending on the underlying connection, avoid executing T-SQL scripts in wrong server.
– Format SQL Get some basic T-SQL formatting, like uppercase keywords etc.
– Search Table, View or Database Data You know that a value exists in some table not in which column? No problem as long as your data is indexed and not to large
– Run one script on multiple databases
– Copy execution plan bitmaps to clipboard or file
– Search Results in Grid Mode
– Generate Insert statements from resultsets, tables or database
– Regions and Debug sections Finally you can collapse and expand regions in SQL server management studio, I have been waiting for this a long time.
– Running custom scripts from Object Explorer
– CRUD stored procedure generation Generate Create, Read, Update and Delete procedures for you tables.
– New query template Each time you open a new query window, you get the template you defined.

If you want to speed up the development process, the add-in is definitely worth a try. If you want time to focus on something else, our SQL server consultants with many years of experience can help you with the T-SQL development.   Feel free to download it from 

/Håkan Winther