The SQL Server 2012 Core Factor Table

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I am sure you have heard of the new SQL Server 2012 licensing model, out with CPU licensing and in with Core licensing. But did you know that all cores are not created equal? In fact that is why we need the Core Factor Table, to describe the relative cost of a core. The core table can be changed over time, so check back at this link to see if there are any chhanges recently: The current table looks like this:

Processor Type                                                                                                                              Core Factor

– All processors not mentioned below                                                                           1
– AMD 31XX, 32XX, 41XX, 42XX, 61XX, 62XX Series Processors with 6 or more cores      0.75
– Single Core Processors                                                                                            4
– Dual Core Processors                                                                                               2

Interestingly, we see that running on a one or two core processor costs as much as running on a processor with 4 cores. And some specific AMD processors (with 6 or more cores) are cheaper per core than any other processors

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