Taking a second Deep Dive in the MVP world

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Finally the book has arrived and I’ll have hours of reading to do! If you are working with SQL server and want to learn more, you should take a real Deep Dive in the book SQL server MVP Deep Dives volume 2. It is written by a lot of SQL server MVP:s (Most Valued Proffessionals) and you’ll find some familiar names like Glenn Barry, AAron Bertrand, Rob Farley, Grant Fritchey, Hugo Cornelis, along with some swedish authors like Johan Åhlen, Tibor Karazi and Peter Larsson. ‘ You’ll find a lot of exciting knowledge about SQL server and you’ll probably learn a lot. The book is a “must have”. If you work as a SQL Server consultant at SQL service Nordic AB, you can get your own book at the office from today.’
Enjoy! /Håkan Winther