SQL server wait stats on steroids – an extended event sample

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After a week in Seattle listening to briliant speakers at SQL Pass Summit 2010, I got inspired by Jonathan Kehayias and his session about Extended Events, a “hidden feature” for us mortal SQL server developers. A lot of credits to Jonathan Kehayias knowledge and presentation skills! After some dissapointing search through SQL server books online trying to find some samples, I gave up and started to search by Google instead and finally I found some (not many) blogs about Extended Events. After some reading and testing I got some clue on how to use these extended events. In good spirit I want to share one of my new scripts to monitor wait stats on a database level instead of a server level.  GetWaitStatsEvent

If you want to learn more about extended events you should take a look at the blog “An Xevent a day” by Jonathan Kehayias. Here is the link: http://sqlblog.com/tags/XEvent+A+Day/default.aspx