SQL Server 2012 SSMS custom reports – Statistics details

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In SQL Server Mangement Studio there are some built-in reports, but they do not cover everything you might want to know about your server, databases, tables, indexes or statistics. In addition to the built-in reports, I will create some useful custom reports for SQL Server 2012, and the first in line is the “Statistics detail” report. This report will show information about :

  • when the statistics were last updated
  • number of records
  • number of records sampled
  • how many records that have been modified since last update
  • modification rate
  • how many steps in the statistics
  • number of “unfiltered” records

With this report you can investigate if you need to update your statistics manually or more frequent than you normally do. If you normally rely only on auto update stats or index rebuilds you may end up with slow running queries. Statistics is far more important than index defragmentation. Read more about the importance of statistics at: http://www.sqlservice.se/sv/statistics.aspx

Download SQL Server 2012 Management Studio Report SQLServiceMonitor_Statistics_detailed.zip


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