SQL Server 2012 DQS Installation failure

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Microsoft Data Quality Service (DQS) is a part of Microsoft SQL server 2012, but it’s not configured by default and you have to run DQSInstaller.exe.  The installer can be found in the following directory:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL11.<InstanceName>MSSQLBinn

(replace <InstanceName> with the name of your name of the SQL server instance)

Yesterday when trying to configure DQS on my laptopI got the following error message:

CREATE ASSEMBLY failed because it could not open the physical file ‘C:UsersH+ÑkanAppDataLocalTempohdlpmar.byvMicrosoft.Practices.ObjectBuilder2.dll’: 3(The system cannot find the path specified.). 

It turns out that the configuration failed as I am using the Swedish letter å in my login name and the temp folder path contains an accented or special ANSI character. This is a known problem (KB2702283) reported to Microsoft and there is a simple workaround. Change the TMP variable in the command prompt.

Open the command prompt in admin mode and type the following:

md c:temp
SET tmp=c:temp
cd “c:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL11.<InstanceName>MSSQLBinn”

By doing this in the command prompt and not by the shortcut in Windows you also solve another problem that occur when trying to configure DQS on a server with multiple instances of SQL Server.

Troubleshoot Installation and Configuration Issues in Data Quality Services (DQS) is a useful link when you experience installation problems with DQS.


by Håkan Winther
Twitter: @h_winther