SQL Server 2012 – AlwaysOn #1

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In the newly released SQL server 2012 you get some nice features and one of the best is AlwaysOn. You can use AlwaysOn to create a high availability & disaster recovery solution without the shared storage requirement as you have in a normal clustered environment. A side effect of this is that you can place your tempdb on local storage with some super fast SSD drives. That will increase the performance of queries that depend heavily on tempdb usage. Tempdb is used for temporary storage for sorting, grouping, hash matching, row versioning and temporary object. Using SSD drives in your SAN is may be very expensive, depending on how many SSD drives you need, but as SSD drives give you a lot more IOPS, you don’t need as many as you would with FibreChannel disks and a couple of local SSD drives for your tempdb files may give you a real heavy performance boost. If you want to know more about SQL server 2012 you may contact any of our SQL server experts and we will help you.

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