SQL Server 2008 installation problem

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Last week i encountered some problems installing SQL Server 2008. Immediately after launching the installation it stops with the message “Managed SQL Server Installer has stopped working” After discussing the matter with Microsoft it seems the cause of the problem is a permissions change with .NET 4 Framework.

The problem only appears when the following conditions are true:
1. Slipstream setup
2. Install from a remote share
3. Destination must have .NET
4. Framework already installed. All of these conditions were applicable to my installation.

There is a workaround:
1. In the slipstream media folder, locate the relevant processor folder.
2. Locate files of type .config
3. Edit each of them, and remove line: <supportedRuntime version=”v4.0″/> After this the installation worked as expected again. This issue will be documented in a knowledge base article but it’s not yet published.
/Jan Nieminen