Extended Stored Procedures

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I guess most of you don’t use Extended Stored Procedures any more since we now can and should use CLR integration instead. CLR integration has been around since version 2005 so this is old news, but, as a matter of fact Extended Stored Procedures are deprecated and will be removed in the next release of SQL Server. Because of this it’s now time to once and for all stop using Extended Stored Procedures and a good place to start is to unload the dll file called by running: EXECUTE DBCC dllname (FREE) This command will unload the dll file from memory and make it possible to remove the Extended Stored Procedure. I know that it’s not always easy to just stop using specific features so this command is also useful if you want to replace the dll file with a newer one for some reason. To get a list of all Extended Stored Procedures and the name of the dll file that the procedure belongs to you can run: EXECUTE sp_helpextendedproc If you want to know more about this or some other SQL Server related topic just contact any of our SQL Server consultants.