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Hi folks, how many times have you moved a database between two instances and found that it would be nice if the logins were coming within the database backup or detach/attach files of the database? Well soon you can!

My PASS SQL Server Summit 2010 experience is coming to an end. I’m so glad I was able to attend this event. Great speakers, great information, but above all, a great, Great, GREAT version coming up! Among other planned features in Denali, there is a new Create/Alter database setting – “CONTAINMENT” – taking care of the need for handling the login and other containment issues. A database can then be partially contained , fully contained, or not contained.

That will be nice to explore in the CTP1, that we recently been able to download. There is also a new server setting we need to set, to be able to contain a user database: Allow Contained Databases Then there is the “User with password”. It’s like having a ”Login”down on the user database level. You will not need to be authenticated on the server level to log in, just log in with db user + password. And you will also be able to use a DMV: sys.dm_db_uncontained_entities to check whether you have something that would hinder you to set FULL containment. For more info you can check the MSDN link, where the current version of the documentation is.

Kind regards

/Jonas Bergström