2008 SP2 and 2005 SP4?

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I got a question from the project when (and regarding 2005, if) the next servicepack is due for SQL Server versions 2005 and 2008.

And being the polite guy I am trying to be, I didn’t answer ”have you googled it”, but instead searched and found it for them. Now I thought I might help you guys to find it as well, by adding a link to a great site where that information is best communicated at Microsoft: It’s The Global Release Services team within the SQL Server organization. There you see that (due to current schedule) SQL Server 2008 SP2 will be released by Microsoft in Q3/CY2010, if all goes well. and SQL Server 2005 SP4 will be released by Microsoft in Q4/CY2010, if all goes well. Let me also remind you that SQL Server 2005 will enter into extended support on 4/13/2011 through 4/12/2016, shouldn’t us customers raise to much fuzz about those dates.

And of course, if you need help to make decisions about migration to newer SQL Server versions, or help implementing them, please don’t wait to contact us .