Another type of SQL server crash

Oopps! Upgrade your browser pretty please. Oopps! Upgrade your browser pretty please.

Usually our blog posts are about how to improve SQL server, your skills and about different types of crashes, but this blog post is about another type of crash.

Do you remeber the Astroid game back in early -90? Well I do! You had a small space ship (shaped as a triangle) and you had to avoid and destroy asteroids, if you didn’t make it you crashed. It didn’t have any fancy graphics like modern games.

What has this to do with SQL server? Well, you probably heard about Red-Gate, and they have developed a product called Red-Gate Source Control, and someone at Red-Gate seemed to like the Asteroid game too much. Why do I think that? Well because someone have added the Asteroid game as an “easter egg” in the Source Control product!

If you have installed Red-Gate Source Control, you simply open the Source Control Gui, click the “Help” button, click “About SQL Source Control” and wait a couple of minutes!

Personally I think they should spend more time in fixing defects and adding requested featurs in the product instead of adding features no one have requested and no one is willing to pay for, but thats my opinion. I know Microsft added a Doom easter egg in one of the early Excel versions, but why? Well, at least the developers could laugh at their work. 🙂


/Håkan Winther